2022 Online Accessibility Report

Find out how organisations around the globe are utilising assistive technology

A 40 Page Report Exploring 2022 Accessibility Trends

Recite Me's annual report delves into digital accessibility trends from the past 12 months and is broken down into 16 different sectors to provide industry-specific insights. 


  • Toolbar usage increased by 59% in 2022 to over 5.4 million users.
  • On average users viewed 6.33 web pages per session with the Recite Me toolbar enabled, this is more than double the internet average of 2.8 pages per session.
  • The demand for inclusive websites grew in a variety of key sectors including recruitment, government, and health.
  • The top 5 reasons for organisations to prioritise digital inclusion in 2023 include increased revenue and improved recruitment and retention. 

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a mockup showing the front cover the report and the introduction and 2022 overview pages